The Metal Muncher brand has earned a spot at the top with over 50 years of excellent performance and durability.

50 years of fabrication equipment and punch presses with multi-user operation ensuring maximum productivity and operator safety. An ironworker with smooth, trouble free, American made performance.

Our Story

Twin Cylinder Design

Twin Cylinder Design

Many things happened for the first time in 1969 not the least of which was the beginning of the Metal Muncher line of fabrication equipment.  Beginning with a small press, our founder and developer, Walter Lips, soon saw the need for multi user operation, hence our twin cylinder design was born.  Metal Muncher, a division of Center Engineering Co., was produced by the Lips family for 30 years until its sale in 1999 to Clausing Industrial, a division of the 600 Group.  Through Clausing’s extensive dealer network, the Metal Muncher line grew in brand recognition for its versatility, dependability and American Made ingenuity.  In 2011 Kalamazoo Metal Muncher Inc. was formed to purchase the metal fabrication line of products from Clausing continuing the long standing tradition of quality.

While others made claims, Metal Muncher units were busy proving themselves where it really counts . . . on the workshop floor.  The many years of on-the-job experience have resulted in design improvement and operation features that assure maximum productive performance and operator safety.  No other ironworker offers the smooth, trouble free performance that has made Kalamazoo Metal Muncher the hallmark of the industry.