Complete 5-Station Fabrication Center

One machine for Punching, Shearing (round,square,angle, flat bar), Coping, Notching, & Forming.

The punch and shear end may be operated separately, independently, and simultaneously at full capacity and full speed.

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Kalamazoo Metal Muncher Gives You the Features You Need

Included Features
  • Up to 3″ ram size . . . Easily adapts to accept over-size / special tooling
  • Easy to change punch and die holder. Die block easily removed to accept unlimited accessories
  • All workstations are approximately the same height, for ease in material handling
  • Comes complete with hydraulic oil; ready to operate. Lubrication points are marked and easily accessible
  • Plus features shown below
Special Capacity Optional Features
  • Hy-performance blade to increase flat bar shearing capacity
  • Adjustable tonnage control feature available
  • Speed-up kit increases ram speed on press and shear end cylinder

Available in 40-ton, 70-ton, 100-ton, & 135-ton versions

Features differ on 40-ton models


Stroke Control

Adjustable stroke length up to 9″.

Swing-Away Stripper

Swing-away stripper gives ready access to the ram stem and makes punch changing quick & easy.

Two-Cylinder Design

Allows the punch and shear end to be operated separately, independently, and simultaneously at full capacity and full speed.

Foot Control

Press End Foot Control

Press cylinder is foot pedal activated.

Large Platen Table

Standard large table gives the user an ideal work area and accepts up to a 48″ brakeset and large special tooling.

eEectric Control Box

Complete Electronics

Includes complete electronics. 220/440v standard with additional voltages available by request.



Includes Flat Bar/Plate Shear, Round/Square Shear, Notcher, Angle Shear, and optional Round.Square Shear.

Custom Machine

Designed for Your Specific Applications

Kalamazoo Metal Muncher will work with your engineers to help design tooling or a fabrication package that will produce the highest quality work pieces.

Optional Accessories

  • Heavy Duty Gauging Table
  • Press Production Table
  • Structural Die Block
  • Standard 4-Way Break Set
  • Special Brake Die Holder
  • Pipe Notcher
  • Pipe Shear
  • Press Channel Shear
  • Mitering Angle Shear
  • Rod Shear
  • Spear Point (Picket) Tooling
  • Adjustable Work Support Roller
  • Over-Sized 28XX & Special Punches and Dies

Quality & Strength

Unsurpassed  in the Industry


The Metal Muncher brand has earned a spot at the top with over 52 years of excellent performance and durability.  While others made claims, Metal Muncher units were busy proving themselves where it really counts . . . on the workshop floor.

The many years of on-the-job experience have resulted in design improvement and operation features that assure maximum productive performance and operator safety.

No other ironworker offers the smooth, trouble free performance that has made Kalamazoo Metal Muncher the hallmark of the industry.

Machines available in 40-ton, 70-ton, 100-ton, & 135-ton versions.