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Series DP Gap Bed Twin Hydraulic Punch Press

Double your production with Kalamazoo Metal Muncher DP series. Two Hydraulic Punch Press, back-to-back, operated from a single power source. Each Punch Press has a separate control to allow independent and simultaneous two person operation at full capacity and speed.

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Product Description

The GB Double Puncher hydraulic press is Metel Muncher’s newest addition to the line of time-tested Hydraulic Iron Workers. The Double Puncher operates two press stations from a common power source, allowing 100% increase in operating capacity without increasing operating cost.

The Double Puncher can eliminate the bottleneck of waiting for press time, and it uses existing Metal Muncher tooling. Separate controls at each work station provide for two-man independent operation. Operations can be stopped, held or reversed at any time. Large throat openings provide unobstructed die space and accept most standard dies as well as special tooling.

These rugged hydraulic presses offer the same dependability Metal Muncher is famous for. They are ideal for tool rooms, metal fabricating operations, job shops, R&D work, etc. If you’re interested in increasing your output capabilities, look at the Metal Muncher Double Puncher.

Create your own DP Model.  Select a different tonnage for each side of your machine to best suit your application and requirements.  For example couple a 70 ton on one side and a 100 ton on the other.  Specials are never a problem.

Couple the wide range of capacities with the standard and optional large throat openings, and you have the versatility to handle the needs of shops with even the most diverse requirements.