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Proudly Made In America

Kalamazoo Metal Muncher – Hydraulic Fabrication Centers & Punch Presses

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Over 50 years of excellent performance & durability

While others made claims, Kalamazoo Metal Muncher units were busy proving themselves where it really counts, on the workshop floor. The many years of on-the-job experience have resulted in design improvement and operating features that assure maximum productive performance and operator safety.

No other ironworker offers the smooth, trouble-free performance that has made Kalamazoo Metal Muncher the hallmark of the industry.

Couple the equipment performance with an after-the-sale attitude second to none, and you have the finest, most versatile hydraulic metal fabricating tools available.

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Built to Be the Best
  • Quality American Made
  • Unbeatable Versatility
  • Two-Cylinder/Two-Person Operation
  • Multi-Stations
  • Custom Built Machines to Meet Your Application Need
  • Available Capacities from 40-Ton through 135-Ton

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